Table Top Petrology Cutting Machines


Baincut Geo – Table Top Petrology Cutting Machine used for sectioning of various types of Rock, Ore, Fossil, Ceramic and
other Geological Samples. Used in areas of advanced Petrology and Mineralogy application
Baincut Geo construction is of rust proof. Bigger working space to accommodate bigger size of geological samples,
Larger envelope with a see through hood and Powerful LED light gives clear illumination of the process in the cutting area
Geo series can be used for both Wet and Dry cut application. The Machine comes with a 50 litres Recirculation tank and
Stainless Steel Mesh filtering system during wet cutting operation.

Optional advanced Exhaust system is provided with the machine to be used during Dry cut
operation. The Exhaust system takes out any fumes created during the cutting operation and
thus avoids any health hazards to the user.
Various Clamping Systems facilitates accommodation of different sizes and shapes of samples.
The Machine includes a Clamping Vice, Vertical Clamp and a Double Saddle clamp by which any
shapes of components can be easily locked.
Geo series have high safety system. Included the Door Limit Switch System in the machine
ensures that the cutting process is stopped immediately when the door is opened. Emergency
Stopper is also provided along with the Machine.


  • Specimen Cutting Diameter up to 90mm
  • 5 HP Motor, 3 Phase
  • Different Wheel size can be accommodated 8”/10”/12”
  • X- Movement for Cross Sectioning – 50mm
  • Y Movement for Longitudinal Sectioning – 150mm
  • Ergonomic Z Movement Handle
  • Dry & Wet type system for different application
  • Stainless Steel Platformwith 8mm T Slot
  • Vice to hold normal diametric samples
  • Vertical Clamp for holding of Irregular shaped specimens
  • Double Saddle Clamp
  • Easily operatable Push Button system
  • LED Lamp in the working area for clear illumination
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