Hydraulic Mounting Press Auto


Mounting of the specimen after sectioning is some times necessary for subsequent handling and polishing. It gives a uniform flatness for further grinding and polishing. It is also used in areas where advanced mono layer preparations of moulds are required. Advantageous for particles, Powder and Grain analysis.
Hydraulic fully automatic system with user friendly advanced LCD touch screen. The Setting of
temperature, heating time, mounting pressure, cooling time, Ram up and down, cycle start can be done and controlled through the Touch Screen Pad.



  • Heater 1600 watts, Single Phase

  • LCD Parameter indicator

  • User Friendly advanced LCD Touch Screen

  • Ideal for Transparent, EPO & Backelite moulds preparation

  • Preset Programs & Data Storage of Mounting Parameters up to 25 Programs

  • Timer-Buzzer for heating and cooling cycles

  • Automatic Water Cooling System

  • Machine size: 490 x 620 x 590 mm

  • Optional: Water cooling re-circulation system

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