Automatic Grinder/Polisher


Bainpol GEO is an Automatic Grinding cum Polishing used in Advanced Petrography application. Best choice of Laboratories looking for enhanced Polishing Surface and
repetitive results Automatic Polishing Machine with 1 HP Motor gives higher power to polish any type of Petrology samples.Diamond Embedded Discs can be used for finer results .
Automatic Specimen Mover Head is driven by a ¼ HP Motor and is with a variable speed system from 50 – 200 RPM. The Aluminum Disc and the Specimen Head can be rotated on both Clockwise and Anticlockwise movement. A Holding Band is given for easy insertion and removal of Cloth

Special MechanicalSpecimen Holders to hold 5 Glass Slides.
Pneumatically applied Individual Specimen Loading System Bainpol GEO comes with an Advanced Touch Screen System. User defined Preset programming and date storage systems available. All the Operations and Controls such as Pressure setting, Disc Direction, RPM, On/Off, settings can be done through the Touch Panel itself



  • Aluminum Disc
  • Smooth pneumatically applied force
  • Individual Pressure Specimen Loading System
  • 1 HP Motor, 3 Phase
  • Variable Speed from 50 – 600 RPM (Disc)
  • Automatic Specimen Mover Head
  • Variable Speed from 50 – 200 RPM (Holder)
  • Specimen Holders to hold Glass slide Specimens
  • Advanced PLC Programming with Touch Screen System
  • User defined Preset Programming and Data Storage System
  • Manual cum Automatic Operation
  • Emergency Stopper
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