Abrasive Cutting Machine Medium Auto


Sturdy table model cutter for Metallographic sectioning Metals, Ceramic and mineral samples Cleaning hose, safety lock included.

  • Cutting Capacity up to 60 mm dia
  • 3 HP motor,3 Phase Motor
  • Cut-off Wheel dia 10"
  • Spindle Speed 2800 rpm
  • Cutting action "Z" Movement Automatic Cutting
  • One large drain for coolant recirculation
  • 1/3 HP Coolant Pump
  • T slot Bed: 60mm X 190mm with 8mm T-Slot
  • Machine Size : 1100 X 750 X 1550 mm (LXDXH)
  • T-slot table, Cam Vise
  • T Slot Bed: 60mm x 190mm with 8mm T-Slot
  • To cut and section, for preparation-with least metallurgical change