Bigger Size Cutting Machine


There are industrial components that require real extra power for sectioning, here is a machine that can handle big/tough components. Intelligent cutting modes like step cutting, cradle cutting, jump cutting and pulse mode used for easy sectioning.

  • Cutting Capacity up to 200 mm dia
  • 40 HP motor,3 Phase Motor
  • Hydraulic Automation
  • Cutting action automatic-‘Z’ Movement
  • Spindle Speed 1000 - 3000 rpm
  • Cut-off wheel dia 20” (500 mm)
  • Coolant Tank with 130 ltrs capacity
  • Advanced PLC based Graphical Touch Screen System with Pre set programs
  • Laser Line Marking System
  • Fume digester
  • Cut off wheel cooling system
  • One large drains for draining the coolant with Magnate Separator
  • Table: 600 X 600 mm with 12mm T-slot.
  • Dimension: 2225 X 1860 X 2025 mm
  • T-slot table
  • To cut and section, for preparation-with least metallurgical change