Inverted metallurgical microscope

Metallurgical Microscopes

With infinity corrected optical system for examination of mounted metallurgical specimens or for routine quality inspections.

Trinocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with plan optics and incident light illumination with infinity corrected optical design fully Japanese.

Objectives Plan EPI-5 X, Plan EPI-10X, Plan EPI-20X, Plan-50X
Eyepieces Wide field SWH 10X
Magnification Range 50X- 500X(Standard) 1000X (optional)
Mechanical Stage Co-axial mechanical square stage Size:180mm X 245mm
Magnification Changer
Quadruple, side facing nosepiece, with positive precision click stops
Observation Tube High transmission Trinocular head equipped with 45* inclined observation tubes and adjustable interpupillary distance.
Built in Koehler's incident illuminator with 6V 30W halogen automatic voltage sensing power supply
Focusing Low positioned, coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs with adjustable tension control
Range of Travel 9mm total, 1.0 m up and 8mm down
Fine Focus 0.2 mm per revolution
Camera Adaptor C-Mount lens adaptor