The Convenience of 'inverted' for quick micro analysis.

Metallurgical Microscopes

The best fusion of price and performance. The options to add quality by upgrading optics.

Objectives Plan M-10X, Plan M-25X, Plan M-40X, 100X oil (100X dry optional)
Eyepieces Wide field WF-10X Eye Pieces
Magnification Range 0100X – 1000X (Standard)
Mechanical Stage Co-axial mechanical square stage Size: 200mm x 152mm
Magnification Changer
Quadruple revolving for Perfect alignment
Observation Tube Trinocular head equipped with 45 degree inclined Observation tubes
Q6V 20W halogen Koehler Illuminator having Yellow, Green and Blue filters
Focusing Coarse and fine coaxial focusing
Full Stroke
35mm, Fine focusing range : 1.4mm
Camera Adopter C-mount Lens adapter

Also available METSCOPE II - Same spec. with Japanese Optics